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A+ Schools

A Brief Explanation

What is A+?

It is a program that is available to FHS graduates because FHS is an “A+ School.”

  • A+ is money from the Missouri government; the money comes from Missouri taxes.
  • You do not have to have financial need
  • anyone can qualify.
  • A+ pays for tuition (what you have to pay to attend a school).
  • A+ pays for fees (like computer fees, health fees, recreation fees, charged by the school).

A+ does not pay for transportation, room and board, supplies, and optional books or program-related fees, such as tools.

What type of Schools will A+ pay for me to attend?

Located in Missouri;

  • Public (funded with Missouri tax money);
  • 2-year community colleges, technical colleges, or vocational/technical schools;
  • Possible scholarship offerings at numerous 4-year schools.
  • A+ does not pay for 4-year school or schools out of state or private schools.

Basically, you just have to:

Sign up:

  • Get an average of C+’s when all your semester grades are averaged together. (2.5 GPA);
  • Have an attendance rate of 95%;
  • Attend an A+ school for your last three years before graduation;
  • Stay out of trouble;
  • Do 50 hours of tutoring;
  • Students must score proficient or advanced on the Algebra I End of Course Exam (EOC) OR earn a score of 17 or higher on the MATH portion of the American College Testing (ACT).

Click here to learn more about A+ Scholarship eligibility.

A+ Scholarship Accommodations for 2020-2021


Google Classroom:

  • ​Join using the following code: ze7wppe

Time Sheets:

  • A new timesheet will be posted on the A+ Google Classroom every week. Make sure to find the one with the correct dates for the week.
  • When you click on the timesheet it automatically makes a copy for you.
  1. Fill in your new timesheet with the following:
  • Your name
  • Your Supervising Teacher’s Name
  • Your Grade
  1. Log your hours DAILY
  2. Submit your WEEKLY timesheet every Friday.
  3. Remind your supervising teacher to initial your hours.

Jessica Geldner, Program Coordinator Email: